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Demo Instructions


Here are some quick examples of requests that the WAF Baseline protection will block:

  1. PCI DSS Test - Successful SQL injection: Leaked Credit Cards page
  2. SQL injection via URL:?sql = "SELECT * FROM user_t WHERE name = ?"
  3. Cookie Jar - This web application uses cookie authentication
  4. Session Handler - Use the URL encryption to remove the "exposure" of the web application calling pages with URL queries i.e. encoding /?page_id=12345
  5. Semantic URL attack: /resetpassword.php?username=user001&altemail=alternative%40emailexample.com
  6. XML Att blowup: <?xml version="1.0"?><foo a1="" a2="" a10000=""/>
  7. Cross Site Scripting via URL: account.php?name=guest<script>alert('attacked')</script>
  8. Cookie Injection:javascript:void(document.cookie="username=user123"); alert(document.cookie);
  9. Java Injection:?jsp=Runtime.getclass.admin.password
  10. Meta injection: ?=<meta http-equiv="Set-Cookie" content="Session-ID=1234">
  11. Directory Traversal: ?item=../../../../etc/passwd
  12. Directory Traversal (Insecure Folders) /myaccount/invoice/100x.pdf (i.e. 1000-1005.pdf)